CRST’s CDL Training School: get your CDL Class A License

is an industry-leading training program is designed to get you on the road with a CDL Class A license in as few as three weeks. As a student in the CRST  Van Expedited trucking division, you’ll be primed for success at CRST— CRST Expedited Division gives you more miles, better pay, and the support you need during this critical period. Fact is, trucking is an evolving industry with plenty of regulations. We recognize this, and our training aims to get you on the road safely, legally, and reliably with a clean license.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  CRST FREE CDL-A Truck Driver Training School is paid for by CRST, however you are NOT PAID during training to get your Class-A CDL License.  You are paid once you Successfully complete the Class-A CDL Training Program, attend the 3 day CRST Orientation and begin your 28-day, second-seat truck driver apprentice program with your experienced Truck Driver Trainer.






Every year, we sponsor hundreds of students at certified truck driving schools across the country. Classes are held weekly and usually last just three weeks. Approval is based on your driving, work, and criminal history—not your credit history. With our Company Sponsored Class A CDL program, CRST covers the CDL fees. Plus we offer two free meals per day during training.


Preparing To Go To A CRST Contract School
You must have the following IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS with you:

1. Valid United Sates Driver’s License (If your license has a vision restriction you must bring your glasses and prescription sunglasses if you have them)
2. Valid Social Security Card (Must be original and in good condition. No copies!)
3. Acceptable immigration documentation if you are not a US citizen
4. Any employment documentation required to complete the CRST Expedited driver application (unemployment records, tax forms for self-employment, notarized letters, etc. These documents are very helpful for the Referencing Department during the hiring process.)
5. Voided Check for transfer to your bank accounts, if you want to do direct payroll transfer. (If you do not have a voided check, you can use a letter from your bank, on bank letterhead, containing the name of the account holder, account number, and the bank routing number.)
6. Original (with raised seal) or certified copy of Birth Certificate or Passport

You should bring the following PERSONAL ITEMS with you:

1. 7 days of clothes (jeans, sweats, short and long sleeve shirts, coat, winter clothing if necessary)
2. Work Boots/Treaded Hiking shoes (Flip Flops and Sandals are not allowed during training or Orientation). NO cowboy boots, NO smooth-bottom shoes!
3. Work Gloves
4. Hat
5. Sunglasses
6. Battery Powered Alarm Clock
7. Flashlight
8. Toiletries (towels, wash cloths, toothbrush, tooth paste, shaving materials, soap, deodorant, etc.)
9. Bedding for the Truck (sleeping bag or pillows blankets (twin size sheets)
10. Notebook, pen, etc
11. Motor Carrier Atlas, Truck Stop Guide and Calculator (This is a mandatory item to own and CRST Expedited does offer this Atlas Package for $27 (4 weekly payroll deductions of $6.75).
12. Medications, if you are currently taking any.
13. Bus Confirmation Number, if taking the Greyhound. It is recommended to pack in duffel bags vs. suitcases to stow away easier. If using a Greyhound bus ticket, one 50-pound and one 25-pound bag are allowed free of charge.
14. Do not bring tools!

How much MONEY should I bring?

1. Meals-(Plan according to how long your school training and orientation will be.)
2. Miscellaneous (all other personal purchases such as toiletries, laundry, etc)

What kind of TRANSPORTATION will I be taking?

If necessary, your CRST recruiter will order a bus ticket through Greyhound. He or she will also provide you with a schedule of when the bus leaves and arrives. If you require a bus ticket, CRST will provide your bus confirmation number. Please do not lose this!

Your recruiter will also provide you with the correct information to be picked up at the Greyhound Station along with contact numbers when you arrive at school. Plan on being at the Greyhound Bus Station at least 1 hour before your departure time.

If you plan on providing your own transportation please contact your recruiter for directions.

What should I EXPECT at School?

1. DOT Physical Exam; DOT Drug Screen; and an Agility Test will conducted on the first day of school.
2. 20% will be classroom time and 80% will be driving time. Expect to be very busy on a full-time basis Mon-Fri, and possibly on a Saturday or Sunday, depending on your training location.
3. Be attentive and take good notes.
4. Keep a positive, professional attitude, for you are on your way to a new career with CRST Expedited!
5. We encourage all drivers to obtain their HazMat endorsement within 90 days of their employment. However, this process must be started immediately and is usually completed within 60 days. To expedite this process, those drivers meeting the TSA requirements can get their background checks and fingerprinting done during orientation. CRST will pay for the cost of the background process.
6. If you are attending a school out of your state of origin, you will be required to transfer your license to the state in which the training school is located. You will then have 60 days to transfer your new CDL back to your home state, as required by Federal regulations. The Hazmat endorsement can be obtained from your state of residence as well.